Sasportas Diamond & Jewelry, a family run business has been in operation for two-generations. Our company which manufactures polished diamonds has been selling worldwide for over 50 years. Our success is largely due to strong founding principles; mutual respect, quality and dedicated service.

We specialize primarily in the production of diamonds, from its origin in the mines to the final product, fine jewelry, all under one roof. Our company undergoes the entire process in order for our consumers to avoid trader and brokerage fees. In doing so, we are able to pass savings to our customers while providing high quality diamonds at attractive rates. We offer our clients the option to purchase loose diamonds, and/or create custom jewelry pieces, with the assistance of our design team.
We are passionate for our love of diamonds and take great responsibility in satisfying our loyal clients. We invite you to take a tour of our factory and showroom in the diamond exchange building, and be a part of our unique shopping experience.



The story of Sasportas Diamonds & Jewelry began
55 years ago with Moshe Sasportas. Moshe was born in Morocco and came to Israel at the age of 6. As a 15 year old teenager, he started to work in a diamond factory in order to help his parents economically. First learning about rough diamonds, Moshe would later begin learning about the cutting and polishing processes.
Today, 70 year old Moshe does not miss a day of work in his factory. He has dedicated many years to teaching his children, sharing his knowledge and experience. His children have expanded the family business worldwide and continue to honor and uphold Moshe’s skills and integrity.